Words from God the Father – 90

“Love is missing from the hearts of My children. Love: love of God and love of neighbor. My children have replaced My love with love of themselves – love of pleasure and love of lust. How can My children ever hope to reach Me with these two qualities in their souls? How can they even consider Me, if they neither know Me nor seek to know Me and My Heart’s desires? I love you, My children, I love you; but you have taken the wrong road. Never will you find Me, nor reach Me, with love of life (love of pleasure and lust) in your souls, for those are precisely some of the qualities of My enemy.”

“My love for you is unabating, I wait patiently for your return into My divine embrace. However, you do not know, neither do you want to know. You prefer the pleasures of the world, the enticements of My enemy. You have fallen in love with the world: the domain of My enemy. I grieve, My children, I grieve most sorrowfully at what I see you doing and the fate that awaits you – at how you are insistently squandering away your divine inheritance. Yet I cannot sit back and watch you discard your rightful inheritance without intervening, for already too many souls of My children have been lost to My perpetual enemy. No more will He steal from Me what is rightfully Mine! I AM your Father and Creator, and you shall have none other than Me in your lives! I have said it; it will occur. I bless you with the eternal love of My Divine Heart” (3/24/12).