Words from God the Father – 92

“Love! Love! That is the most important thing in the whole world, yet most of you have forgotten how to love. Look at My Son and He will show you the true meaning of love. Look at what He was ready to suffer for you and emulate Him. Do you think that I gave you My Son’s Sacrifice of Himself so that it would be null and void? Do you think that I would have been so heartless as to sacrifice My only-begotten Son on the Cross for you, if I did not have a greater love for you than you could possibly fathom? I Am Who I Am, but you do not recognize who I Am any longer, because your hearts have become dulled by the torpor of My enemy. How could you ever forget who I Am, when I sacrificed My dearly beloved Son for you, so that you would be reunited with Me forever? Your stinginess towards Me and My Son (going to Adoration) is unending, yet My love for you – My undying love for you – is unfathomable. Who can understand the infinite Mercy of God? Who can understand His eternal Heart’s desires?”

O man, how low you have fallen, from the destiny I had originally planned for you. You have been taken in, and continue unceasingly to be taken in, by the wiles and snares of My enemy, for you have forgotten to turn to Me for Wisdom: true wisdom and guidance. You think that you can live without Me: your One, True and only God. Yet, you will soon discover that you cannot, for I will not accept to be rejected by My beloved creatures, whom I created with My own Hands and through My own Breath, any longer. Soon, now, you will see things escalate around you as never before, and you will know in your hearts, even if you stubbornly continue to refuse to admit it, that your God has taken matters into His own Mighty Hands. For no one shall be allowed to deny My Presence any longer, without being subject to My Judgment. I love you, go in Peace” (4/17/12, during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament).