A thought on Infinite Love

Our Heavenly Father has loved us, and keeps on loving us, in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend. But, suffice it to say that, no amount of love that we can muster will ever come close to a fraction of His love for us. Are we ready to, at least, try to start loving others in the way that He desires us to and has, in fact, created us for? Or are we going to continue doing things our stubborn and, at times, stone cold-hearted ways? Many of us remain as hard-hearted as ever; if not growing ever-increasingly in that particular direction, despite all the admonitions, love, and ceaseless calls for us to return to Himself and His Family that Our Father has willed, especially in these our times.

Questions to ponder: When are we going to end our coldness, our indifference, our hostility – masked hatred – toward our neighbor and, indeed, toward our very own selves? For if we do not love our neighbor first and foremost, neither do we genuinely love ourselves, no matter how much we may claim the contrary. When, therefore, is such coldness, indifference and hostility going to end? Where is it going to end?

We are calling down judgement upon ourselves, our families, our communities and our nations, by our actions and, even more, by our inaction in the face of both error and need – great need. However, we continue refusing to acknowledge what is occurring, even though we know; deep down, we know that this is not a game, but tangible reality. When are we going to allow Love therefore – true love – to warm up our miserly hearts? The longer we delay in changing ourselves, the more Our Father’s righteous judgments will increase. Is this the way we want to go? Is this what we really want? The decision is ours to make. Our Father has more than done His part; it is time we do ours.