God the Father’s love – He willed to become vulnerable to us

“The God of the Bible reveals Himself . . . as He who undertook the risk of creating a universe whose perfection is continually jeopardized by the freedom of those in whom that perfection ought to reach its highest level . . . This divine risk, inherent in the decision to create beings in the image and likeness of God, is the summit of almighty power, or rather a surpassing of that summit in voluntarily undertaken powerlessness” (Lossky, V. 1974. In the image and likeness of God, p. 214).

This is how much Our Father has loved and keeps on loving us, for He is a God “whose love for His elect is ‘strong as death,’ whose jealousy against everything which separates His creature from Him is ‘cruel as the grave'” (ibid.). We tend to think of Jesus Christ as having chosen to be wounded by us to the death, in order to assume us as human beings, in all our dimensions, back into the Divinity, so that we could be restored onto the pathway of deification that was lost through original sin.

However, our Almighty Father also chose to become wounded by us right to the very depths, the Core, of His Divine Heart, for He knew and continues knowing both that we would reject Him and the extent to which we would heartlessly reject Him Who Is Infinite Love. Such is the extent to which Our Father has both loved and keeps on loving us: that He was willing to be wounded repeatedly and ceaselessly by us, in order to bring us back to live in His bosom – the Heart of the Holy Trinity.