The Era of the 8th Day – 17 – On eschatology

Eschatology is not what many of us simplistically like to think it is: that is, a Kantian “epistemological category, which allows us quietly to continue our earthly activities without concerning ourselves about what belongs to ‘another plane'” (Lossky, In the image and likeness of God, p. 223). Eschatology, in both essence and fact, commenced with the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles ten days after the Ascension, and is “the continually renewed beginning of an infinite way of deifying union, in which the dominion of God and the vocation of creation is fulfilled” (ibid.).

In fact, our attainment of the “perfect knowledge of God . . . [is] but one aspect of the final deification (Lossky, V. 1973. the vision of God, p. 99). Thus eschatology in its praxis occurs when man willingly cooperates with grace and participates in the Divine Plan, in and through the union of wills.