Sainthood – The call to holiness in our particular times

These days many, if not most, of us tend to consider ourselves lucky if we manage to get ourselves to Purgatory. And this statement, unfortunately, applies also to priests, many of whom are setting the bar too low, by focusing primarily on the basics without concurrently retaining the fullness of deification in mind. But this is erroneous thinking for it is not what Our Father had in mind for us, when He originally created us. He made us in His image, so that we could attain fully – not partially – to His likeness.

Questions to ponder: Why do we not, therefore, ask Our Father to give us not solely what we need to ‘get by’ in our daily lives, but also for all those graces needed in order for us to become what He wants us to be: saints? Why are we greedy and lustful for so many things on the face of this earth and yet, when it comes to our eternal souls and the degree to which we will experience the Beatific Vision (or otherwise), we become ultra-stingy with our own selves?

All that we need to do is to ask Our Father, with sincerity of heart, for such graces, then simply cooperate with them wholeheartedly, once He starts showering them down upon us like snowflakes in winter. We are, after all, going to need such graces in the very near future, in order to withstand the severe tribulation that is coming our way. So why not ask Him to give us said graces in the first instance? Our Father never fails to respond most generously to such requests for grace on our part, whenever we ask Him for such, because the goal of sainthood for each and every one of us – deification, especially in its fullness – is one of the innermost and deepest desires of His Divine Heart.