Breeches in love

It is customary when going to Confession, to carry out an examination of conscience beforehand – and the more thorough, the better. However, to genuinely engage ourselves in the process, hopefully eliciting sincere contrition for our sins and not just go mechanically through “a set of rules,” some may find it helpful to also ask themselves a few simple questions: 

  • In what way/s have I breeched love this week?
  • Would I have treated that person differently if it was myself? In what way/s?
  • Do I want someone to do this do me?

You will be surprised, probably unpleasantly so, at how many rationalizations, denials and excuses these questions will show up for what they really are, and in how many erudite ways we are constantly trying to either bypass or massage our Father’s Commandments. Try the above questions for yourself and you will find out.