The Son’s respect for God the Father and our lack

We all know about the infinite and perfect love that Jesus Christ has for God the Almighty Father, being Love by nature. But something that is not spoken of as much is His respect for the Father – a different quality than love. Whenever God the Father speaks, if Jesus has been speaking beforehand, He instantly stops to listen most attentively to what Our Father has to say. The infinite respect that the only-begotten Son has and actively manifests toward the Father – His Father and our Father (Jn 20:17) – despite being God in His own right and the King of kings, is indescribable. No words can do it justice. It needs to be witnessed, to be really understood.

Yet, insofar as we – mere creatures – are concerned, we do not hesitate to treat our Almighty Father and Creator as though He was nothing or worse than nothing. Many of us neglect Him, we abandon Him and we marginalize Him. For some, we remain indifferent to Him and His Heart’s desires. For others, we mock Him, we blaspheme Him and we curse Him. But, above all, what many of us seem to regularly do without hesitating, is to make it a point to blame Him for everything we can, when He is, in fact, blameless.

Why? Why do we do this? Why do we continue unflinchingly doing this, when Our Father has never wronged us? He has never done anything other than love us most intensely. Is this how we repay Him? If God Himself stops to listen to God the unoriginate and unbegotten Creator, who are we to do otherwise?

How would you feel, if you loved someone with the entirety of your being and they treated you incessantly in the aforementioned manner? Even the only-begotten Son respects God our Almighty Father – the unbegotten Being whose very own nature is Love. So why do we not attempt to, at least, show some respect toward Our Father, if we cannot outrightly love Him yet, for some reason or another? Rather than keep on treating Him in the ways that we are doing?

How do you think the Son feels, when we treat His Father and our Father in the above referenced manner? Yes, both Jesus Christ and God the Father are in Heaven, but They both feel everything we do – the good, the bad and the ugly, as the saying goes. Many of us claim that we “love Jesus.” But, in reality, do we love Jesus when we most often cannot keep even the easiest of the Ten Commandments? When we cannot even acknowledge Christ’s Father as Our Father, by genuinely taking God the Father to our hearts? When we continue treating Our Father in a manner more befitting to the lowest of animals, than to the Owner and Creator of the whole universe?