St Nilus on the Antichrist

“The Antichrist will be born of an unclean, wanton maid. All debaucheries will be united within this maid, and she will be the treasure-house of fornication. Every evil of the world, every uncleanness, every sin will be embodied in her. Through her conceiving from secret wantonness, all sins will be combined in a womb of uncleanness and will be brought to life together with the spiritual impoverishment of the world. When the world will be deprived of the grace of the Most Holy Spirit, then the Antichrist will come to life in the womb of the unclean, from the most filthy and impure woman to have lived, though she will appear as a virgin. Conceived from such secret and unnatural wantonness, the offspring will be the container of every evil, as opposed to the way in which Christ was the ideal of every good quality, and His Most Pure Mother was the ideal of womanhood . . . Yea, he will be born of seed, but without man’s sowing. He will be born with seed, but not with the seed of a man” (St Nilus, in Arch. Panteleimon, A ray of light, p. 76).