The coming of Enoch and Elijah

“When the son of perdition has drawn to his purpose the whole world, Enoch and Elijah shall be sent to refute the evil one by a question filled with mildness. Coming to him, these holy men, that they may expose the son of perdition before the multitudes round about him, will say: ‘If you are God, show us what we now ask of you. In what place do the men of old, Enoch and Elijah, lie hidden?’ Then the evil one will at once answer the holy men: ‘If I wish to seek for them in heaven, or in the depths of the sea, every abode lies open to me. There is no other God but me, and I can do all things in heaven and on earth.’ They shall answer the son of perdition: ‘If you are God, call the dead, and they will rise up. For it is written in the books of the prophets, and also by the apostles, that Christ, when He shall appear, will raise the dead from their tombs. If you do not show us this, we shall conclude that He Who was crucified is greater than you; for He raised the dead, and was Himself raised to heaven in great glory.’ In that moment the evil one, angered against the saints, seizing his sword, will most abominably sever the necks of the just men” (St Ephraim).