The time of the Third Passover has arrived

The time of the Third Passover has arrived. After centuries of waiting, we are there. The times ahead will challenge each one of us to our core; some of us will see what the prophets have wanted to see. No matter what is headed our way – a lot is to come – do not let yourselves be marked by the beast, regardless of the possible outcome of such refusal. Become sealed by Our Father instead. For, should you choose to be marked by the beast, you will lose your souls for eternity.

Love God our Almighty Father with all your mind, heart, soul and strength – now more than ever. Console Him with your genuine love and sincerity, your ceaseless prayers from the heart. Console His most wounded Divine Heart. Ask Our Father to give you all the graces you need, to fulfill your vocations as true Christians, in the full meaning of the word. Above all, do not do to others what you do not want them doing to you. This applies most especially to what will transpire, without fail, in forthcoming days and months.

Go to Confession while you still can and attend Holy Mass as frequently as possible during the week, not just on Sundays. Spend as much time in Eucharistic Adoration as you can, consoling the Agonizing Sacred Heart of Jesus – you are, after all, going to really need His strength. Set aside all excuses, no matter what they may have been, and get your spiritual houses in order. For those who may have tended to delay, do not delay any further. No time is left.