Words from God the Father – 94

“Follow My Son, He will never lead you astray (…) The love of God is the love of Life, yet My children have lost sight of their Father and their God. How can they return to Me, when they do not know Me and do not seek to know Me? Indeed, many of them think I do not exist; that I am simply a myth. And yet, I love My children to folly: that is the kind of God Who I Am. A God who profoundly and intensely desires all His children to return to Him, through His Divine Heart. My children, however, do not want Me in their lives, even though I AM their Father and their God. They seek life outside of Me. How can you have Life – true life – when you exclude Me from your lives? I Who Am the Life and Light of the world. You are My children and I love you with a love that can only be described as folly. You are My children. Please, I beg you, My children, return to Me, before the entirety of My Justice comes in full.” 

“(…) You love Me and I love you. That is how it should be between the Father and the child – any child – for this is the kind of relationship that I desire with each one of My children. Yet, My children – My most beloved children whom I created with My own Hands – do not desire to have Me, their Father and their God, in their lives any longer. This pains Me deeply for I have given you everything, My children; even My only-begotten Son, for your salvation, so that you could return to Me, your Father in Heaven. And yet, you prefer the chaos and insanity of your lives, rather than the Life – true life – that I so desire to give you, each and every one of My children: the fullness of My Divine Life.”

“When will you decide to return to Me, My children? After I chastise you severely? Why not return to Me now, while you still can? Why do you insist, ever so stubbornly and willfully, in remaining distant from Me, your Father who loves you with everlasting love? I love you, My children, I have always loved you, even when you have been sinful – and some of you have been grossly sinful – and yet, you insist on remaining apart from Me. How can I bring you to Myself without chastisement, since you refuse to listen to My repeated words of warning? You, My children, are leaving Me no other option but to punish you, severely, for only then will many of your willful hearts turn to Me, the Lord your God, for I AM the Almighty God in eternity. I love you, rest in My Divine Heart” (6/8/12, during Adoration).