Meeting God the Father in Spirit and in Truth – Patristics

The following is an accurate description of what it is like to meet the Beauty and Majesty of God our Almighty Father on His Throne, in Spirit and in Truth. This description was written by Gregory Palamas, the saint-theologian of the Divine Light:

The Divine Light “is not the essence of God, for that is inaccessible and incommunicable . . . Sometimes it makes a man go out from the body or else, without separating him from the body, it elevates him to an ineffable height. At other times, it transforms the body and communicates its own splendor to it when, miraculously, the light which deifies the body becomes accessible to the bodily eyes . . . Sometimes the light “speaks” clearly, as it were with ineffable words, to him who contemplates it . . . It descends from the elevated place where it dwells, so that He who in His own nature from eternity is neither visible to nor containable by any being may, in a certain measure, be contained by a created nature” (Palamas, G. 1983. The triads, pp. 57-58).

Meeting the Divine Light, therefore, is meeting the “glory of that God who while remaining imparticipable, invisible and impalpable, becomes participable by His superessential power, and communicates Himself and shines forth and becomes in contemplation ‘One Spirit’ with those who meet Him with a pure heart, according to the most mystical and mysterious prayer . . . [which Jesus Christ] addressed to His own Father: ‘Grant them that as I am in You, Father, and You in Me, so they too may be one in Us’ in truth” (p. 67). It is, in fact, the same vision of the prophets and the patriarchs, as well as the vision seen by Stephen when he was being stoned. Additionally, it is “the invocation of the great God and Father, the symbol of the authentic and real adoption, according to the gift and grace of the Holy Spirit, thanks to the bestowal of which grace . . . [we] become and will remain the sons of God” (p. 84).