Words from God the Father – 97

“The love of your God is immense but you do not know Me anymore. You have rejected Me, you have set Me aside in favor of your idols who cannot save you from what is to come. Why have you done this, My children whom I love to folly? Why have you rejected Me, your Eternal Father, who is ever-ready to give you everything you need, in accordance with My holy Will? You have rejected Life and you have rejected Love, for I Am the Life and Love of the world. Without Me you cannot live, you will not live, for this is what I have decreed. I weep for you, My children whom I have lost and keep on losing to My enemy, due to the extreme hardness of your hearts and minds; your pride. You have fashioned for yourselves an idol (atheism) who will not save you, who cannot save you from what is coming. It is this idol that you follow, that you prefer to the Lord your God: your Eternal Father and Creator. Love is the only thing that will restore mankind and the face of the earth, but you do not want love. I have pleaded and I have begged. What have I not done for you, My children?

You who are Mine, who have decided to give yourselves to Me to dispose of your lives as I see fit, love Me and console My wounded, aggrieved Heart. Make reparation to My most wounded Heart. Atone for your brothers and sisters: for those who do not want to know Me and who refuse My help, despite My having pleaded with them to return, to live in My Divine Heart. Love Me and atone for the sins of mankind – the most grievous sins ever to be witnessed by humanity – for should you fail to do so, My Will leaves Me no option but to descend upon you with the fullness of My Wrath.

Love as I have loved you, My children. Love with the entirety of your beings, no matter how much grief and sorrow this will bring you, at least for now, until everything is incorporated back into My holy Will. Do not measure how much you love. Love without measure, for it is without measure that My Son and I have loved you. You are to be like Us: an earthly mirror of Our Divine Selves, imitating Our Goodness, Our Beneficence and Our Benevolence inasmuch as it is given to you to do so, through Our divine graces. It is Our pleasure to shower you with the graces you need, in order to live in Our Divine Life. But you need to accept these graces with open hearts and minds, otherwise the graces will be lost and mankind will continue walking along the path of darkness – a darkness that is growing thicker with every day that passes. Remember that you cannot do anything without Our divine graces, for only in and through Our graces can you be partakers of Our Divine Life. I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My children who are Mine: those of you who have decided to give Me your lives” (7/1/12).