Loving Our Father – Thought for the day

We love Him, we pray to Him, we complain and gripe endlessly to Him, we ask Him for help in many of our daily situations. But how many of us actually sing to God the Father out of heartfelt love for Him? Our Almighty Father loves hearing us sing softly to Him, praising and worshiping Him, telling Him of our love for Him, with the wholeness of our hearts. Moreover, we do not even need to do this externally or need others to do it, for we can sing lovingly and most effectively to Him in the depth of our hearts, without anyone other than Our Father knowing that we’re doing it. Yet how many of us actually give Our Father such tender delight: a delight that touches the Core of His Divine Heart and also brings joy and happiness to us? It is a delight analogous to that of a baby crooning simply and softly to its parents.