Words from God the Father – 98

“The love of a child for her Father is the most precious gift that My children can offer Me, their Eternal Father and Creator, because as I give My love to My children, so should I receive their heartfelt love in return. But so many of My children have forgotten that I Am: that I truly exist, that I have created them and that I love them without measure from My Divine Heart. Without Me, you can do nothing, My children. Without Me Who Am, you will be nothing in your lives, because you do not have Life within you. Yet most of you do not know Me and continue refusing to know Me Who Am eternal Life for you. What are you going to do when you turn to Me and I will not respond? That time is coming soon; sooner than you think. What are you going to do then, My children, without Me and My assistance, My grace, in your lives? You will not survive what is to come. You will die, you will surely die – your souls, your eternal souls will die, not just your bodies – and yet, you prefer to remain away from Me who only seeks to save your lives for eternity.”

“You hate Me, you despise Me and you reject Me. Some of you incessantly blaspheme My most holy Name. You bear within your souls the hallmarks of My enemy. Yet, as a tender Father, I keep pleading with you to return to Me. Why do you not come back to Me now, My children, and let Me heal you from your grave, sinful wounds before it is too late? It is already late, for I have already withdrawn My graces from the world – from those of you who most stubbornly continue refusing to return, to live in My Divine Heart. However, despite everything that you do, everything that you mock Me with, I Am a patient God: I keep hoping for your heartfelt repentance and return to Me, your Father and your God. I keep pleading with you and begging you to return to Me Who loves you infinitely. Love is all I want from you. Love is all that I have ever asked of you, My children: heartfelt love for Me, your Father and Creator Who Is Infinite Love; genuine love. Yet you neither want to receive Love – My love – nor do you want to give Me what is rightfully Mine. Take heed to My words, therefore, before I respond to you no more: Come to Me Who Am eternal Life, because without Me Who Am you will die in eternity” (7/9/12).