Letter of thanks to Archangel Raphael

A letter of thanksgiving to Archangel Raphael, for the glory of God the Father

Dear St Raphael,

Medicine of God, you have been given to us. Companion in travels, we can hope in your assistance. Such you have done for me and I thank you for being by my side, in these days of my own travels and medical needs which developed far from my home.

I will forever marvel at how everything fell into place in the time of emergency, needed procedures and all follow-up care. Having asked for your aid and presence during these days of illness, you have graciously brought to me God’s healing graces and, for that, I wish to publicly thank you.

May this encourage others to call upon you in their need. I hope someday to join you in our heavenly Home, when together we will glorify and honor the Most Holy Trinity, in praise of Divine Mercy.

Your devoted pilgrim in need.