Description of Hell: Hell is real, Satan lives and the power of consecration to the Father


Hell is real

An endless abyss, a bottomless void, of acute desolation. Then intense, unremitting hatred from Satan and his demons with petrifying terror, while they grab at you from every side; at times almost literally dislocating your limbs and ripping your heart out from your body, to pull you down with them into their perpetual, infernal abode. That is what the beginning of the descent into the tunnel which leads to Hell is like, with Hell ceaselessly attempting to consume itself and its inhabitants through scorching flames, the heat of which you cannot even begin to conceive; but without ever being granted the relief of doing so by actually becoming consumed. Contrary to what so many think these days, Hell is not just a state but also a place.

During the descent to Hell, you feel as though your soul is literally being sucked out of you, leaving a painful, unremitting void which is then filled by Satan’s and the demons’ infinite hatred once you enter irrevocably into the confines of Hell itself. The worst defining characteristic of Hell, though, is neither its searing heat and scorching flames; nor the perpetual company of demons, condemned human beings who have become in the image and likeness of demons; and, above all, the master-demon himself: Satan, the Devil. All of whom feed off blaspheming God incessantly, while sadistically accusing and torturing without cease their ‘prizes’ with every single thing the fallen ones enticed these humans into committing and not repenting from while still living on earth.

The worst characteristic of Hell is the relentless and acute desolation everywhere you turn including inside yourself: in every fiber of your being, despite the hatred present. It is acute and perpetually unremitting desolation gnawing away mercilessly at your insides, resulting from the complete absence of the Presence of God. Not even a sliver of light exists in Hell. Just infinite desolation, inconceivable hatred, torture in every dimension and death.

In fact, if you knew what Satan, his demons and Hell are really like, you would neither take your lives so lightly nor would you desire your worst enemy to go there, no matter what they may have done to you. You would find it easier to pray and offer up your discomforts, inconveniences, pains, sufferings and sorrows unhesitatingly for others, as you would understand fully what it means to go to Hell. The prizes of Satan and his demons are the souls of those human beings originally created in the image of God our Father to attain to His likeness, but who willfully and adamantly rejected Him right up to the instance of their crossing over to the other side, despite the fact Christ Himself presents everyone with a final chance at the very moment of death.

Satan lives

Satan is very much alive, ‘well and kicking’ as they say, despite what so many think and say about him these days. From being originally the most beautiful and highest of angels – Lucifer, the Bearer of Light, the Seraph; a position now held by Michael – Satan has become Hatred Personified. He is the most hideously deformed, unrelentingly vicious, lying, intensely hateful, inconceivably vengeful, murderous, petrifying and terrorizing creature in existence.

If you could see him, you would neither disbelieve nor doubt Satan’s existence and true character any longer, as you would not desire to spend a nanosecond in his company, let alone eternity. Even animals are terrified of him and whimper pitifully, cowering in a corner and attempting to vanish into the ground when they see him or sense him. No words can adequately describe the deformed-by-hatred being that Satan is and the infinity of his hatred. He ‘loves’ to kill, directly or indirectly. That is what he lives for.

Satan’s arrogance and pride are second-to-none. His greatest ‘pleasure’ is the unremitting harassment, oppression, torment and torture of human beings; the more prolonged and painful the latter, the better. This is what he feeds off: destruction, torment and death, for he does not just wants to eradicate our birthright of having been created in the image of God. Satan also wants to form us fully into his malevolent image and likeness, so he can both boast to our Father of having won and gain more ‘pleasure’ for himself, by tormenting us forever about our cooperation with and acceptance of his formation.

Satan hates the Father with an intensity you cannot begin to imagine. But he hates us even more, literally despising us, because he cannot stand that while through pride he lost everything he had originally been lovingly and freely given by our Father, as humans we can become gods by grace (Jn 10:34-35; Ps 82:6; 2 P 1:4) if we so desire – something Satan always wanted for himself – while we remain forever inferior to him in nature. Thus in Satan’s viewpoint, we are more stupid and undeserving compared to him.

Satan hates with particular viciousness and malevolence any and all consecrations to God the Father, especially those which additionally result in the Father’s Seal and even more so when combined with sacramental confession. This is true as the heartfelt consecration of willing human beings to God results in the removal of their souls from Satan’s grasp. They become irrevocably the property of our Father’s Divine Heart with all attendant benefits and graces – the very last thing Satan wants to see happen, especially in these times of his rapidly approaching imprisonment (Rv 20:1-4).

One deliberate sin lands you in Hell forever

It only takes a single deliberate sin, one mortal sin, to land you in Hell forever. One intentional sin you have not sincerely confessed and felt, at least, some degree of sorrow for, lands you perpetually in the company of those hideous, sadistic beings with no possibility for backtracking and reprieve – a gross understatement if ever one existed. This process occurs regardless of who may say what where about the subjectivity involved in committing mortal sins, as so many have recklessly done throughout the years but especially in these days of ‘everything goes,’ for everything ‘does not go’ in the eyes of our omnipotent Father. If we die with just a single, deliberate, unrepented-from sin on our souls, we will indeed go to Hell. This is objective reality and it is immutable.

We need to understand that we do not land in Hell because our God and Father is mean, vengeful, or both – as some may think – for He is not. In essence and fact, the Father is pure love and goodness: if He was not, He would have wiped us all off the face of the earth ages ago. But since our Heavenly Father is immaculate and holy – He is pure, the Divine Light – He simply cannot enter to reside where the darkness and putrefaction of sin exist, especially deliberate sin. We would do well to remember that Hell was, in fact, not originally created by God but by Satan and the demons themselves, after they fell from the Father’s Divine Light through their free-will choice.

There would never have been Hell if Satan (at the time, Lucifer) had not adamantly insisted on:

  1. being equal to the Father and inciting other angels to do the same;
  2. becoming the bearer of the hypostatic union between man and God as the first created being, instead of the Father’s only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ; and
  3. refusing to eventually venerate as his Queen the human Mother from whom Christ would take His humanity – the Virgin Mary, the Woman of both Genesis and Revelation. That is, the “Woman clothed with the Sun and the moon under Her feet and on Her head a crown of twelve stars” (Rv 12:1), about whom the Father at the beginning said that He would “put enmities between you and the Woman, and your seed and Her Seed: She shall crush your head and you will lie in wait for Her heel” (Gn 3:15).


For those of you who believe, no more needs to be said. But for those of you either on the fence, do not believe or do not want to believe, the following questions are hereby posed:

Do you really want to wait until you are dead to find out whether all this is true or not? Do you really and truly, deep down in your hearts and souls, want to take such a chance, just for the sake of remaining attached to some pet ideology, some hobby-horse, of yours which, after all, you are not going to take with you when you die? You who have lived systematically attempting to eliminate all probabilities from your lives? Do you really want to wait until the end to discover you were wrong – completely off-the-chart and grossly misinformed? Do you truly want to gamble wildly with what comes next in your lives, you who never lived taking more than the most calculated risks?

The above is a brief, experiential description – peira – of Hell, Satan, his demons and their designs in relation to ourselves as human beings with immortal souls.