Why we were created – 2 – God the Father’s infinite love

“Precisely because He is a Father and has a Son from eternity, God created a category of beings toward whom He could show a love like the one that exists between Him and His Son. He created beings whom He could raise up to love the Father as the Son does, to love the Son as a brother, and to love each other as brethren . . . Love implies communion with others . . . [and] real joy comes from another consciousness that is attentive to one’s own . . . [Thus] God created men as images of His Son so that He might extend His Fatherly love to other sons . . . God desires to see the beauty of the created soul’s love for Him . . . [for] in the Spirit the Father loves us as spiritual sons, and the Son loves us as His spiritual brothers” (Staniloae, D. 2012. The Holy Trinity: In the beginning there was love, pp. 39-57).