Seeing God the Father – 3 – From the Core of the Father’s Divine Heart

Those who have not seen this light have not seen God: for God is Light (Symeon the New Theologian)

“Divine love descends from above as a fire over a sacrifice passively laying on a mountain peak or on an altar before the unseen God. Then divine love can ravish it that it might by itself go beyond the curtains of darkness which hide God from men . . . The mind which no longer sees even itself and which now functions not by its own activity, but exclusively by the divine, has penetrated into the zone of the Divine Light which radiates from the bosom of the divine subject, that is, from the bosom of the Holy Trinity . . . [For then] God is no longer covered with a shadow; His presence is no longer just supposed, but He has uncovered His face which radiates light” (D. Staniloae, 2002).