Consecration of the world to the Divine Heart of God the Father

Text of "Our Father" prayer with Tri...

The consecration of the world – or rather the purification and re-consecration of the world – to the Divine Heart of God the Father will end the Great Chastisement, particularly the global persecution of Christians that is forthcoming. How many, though, are ready in their hearts, minds and souls for this to happen; the fulfillment of the Kingdom come? How many are ready to sheath their pride, arrogance and earthly wisdom, in order to bow down before and worship God the Omnipotent Father? How many are both ready and want to see this happen in their lifetime? The consecration will happen but it depends on us whether it happens sooner rather than later, with consequences for everyone – believer and non-believer alike. 

Let us remember that the original Children of God, the Israelites, were victorious when they both became consecrated to Him and abided in His Heart by keeping His commandments. Let us also remember that the more we resist, even deep down in our hearts, our Heavenly Father’s coming and His Divine Heart’s desires in our regard, the more prolonged and painful for us, our purification – the Tribulation – will be. It all depends on us, therefore. Our Father has more than done His part; He kept and continues to keep all throughout His part of the bargain, the covenant. Are we ready – and to what extent are we ready – to keep our part?