To the priests – 2

“I have forsaken My Temple, I have abandoned My heritage; I have delivered the love of My soul into the palm of her enemies. To Me, My heritage was like a lion in the forest; she raised up her voice against Me: therefore I hated her. Has My heritage become for Me like a bloodstained bird of prey which the other birds of prey surround [proclaiming]: ‘Go gather all the beasts of the field, let them come to eat’? Many shepherds have ravaged My vineyard; they have trampled My portion and turned the portion of My desire into a barren wasteland. They have made it a mournful, desolate place, a wasteland before Me. The entire land has been laid waste, for no man took it to heart. On all the wilderness hilltops the pillagers have come, for HaShem’s sword consumes from one end of the land to the other end of the land; there is no peace for any flesh. They sowed wheat but reaped thorns; they ached without relief. Be ashamed of your produce, which is stricken by the burning wrath of HaShem” (Jer 12:7-13).