Drawing on our Almighty Father’s strength

Drawing on God our Father’s strength, we can surmount any and all obstacles that are thrown our way, in this our pilgrim journey back home to Him; our Homeland, the Core of His Divine Heart. But if we fail to draw on our Father’s strength – if we attempt to do things independently in our daily lives because we are adults – we will not make it, no matter how much we may attempt to delude ourselves into believing otherwise, because God the Father is Strength and we will have cut ourselves off from His might and power.

When we decide to do things independently, we lose the source of any strength we may have in every dimension of our lives, because we have not been created – designed, if you will – to either be or live independently of our Father. Indeed, without His Life we cannot live, even though we may still be alive. As the days become increasingly darker, therefore, let us remember that we will increasingly need our Father’s strength, to effectively face and surmount – indeed, soar over – the obstacles and pitfalls in our lives.

Depending on ourselves, we can do nothing; not even breathe. But depending on our Father and abandoning ourselves fully in His Hands, we can do everything because He is the Almighty. For God the Father is not the Almighty for nothing.