Let us pray – Consoling our Almighty Father

Let us pray for all those who do not want to return to God our Almighty Father. Many do not want to return to Him and His Heart, His most beautiful and tender Divine Heart, is pierced with great and profound sorrow at their loss. Our Father loves them with all His might despite everything they do. Yet they do not want to return, preferring to remain lost; far away, very far away, from His tender and loving arms. Many are lost; many, with most of them not knowing where to turn. Let us pray, therefore, no matter what it may cost us, in order to win our beloved Father souls, as many souls as possible, out of the clutches of Satan and his evil minions who are presently roaming the earth with great glee at their victories. For if we do not pray with the entirety of our hearts, many souls will indeed be lost forever.