Description of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God – 3


The Virgin Mary sings

You stood at the right archway of my dining room late that weekday evening, once again without your crown; wearing your white, floor-length mantle with its blue ribbon traveling inside its borders. This time you came as the joyful Mother at work. Singing an incredibly beautiful albeit unknown song with boundless joy, happiness and love on your petite face, your luxuriously melodious and tonal singing made me feel as though liquid love was suddenly being drained all over me. It was as though Heaven itself was being poured out. No earthly voice or song can, in fact, compare to yours, as your infinitely sweet song was the song of joy of the Holy Trinity mediated through your deified body. 

You immediately came up to me and embraced me in your arms with profound, motherly love and tenderness. Then as I sat down at your feet to your right, while hesitantly attempting to rest my head on your lap, you fully encouraged me to do so, tenderly stroking away the hair from my forehead with your right hand while continuing to sing your beautiful song. You did not say anything this time; you simply continued singing until the end. But your song of joy, love and happiness soothed away all my cares and fears, making me feel as though nothing else mattered in the world.

The above is another brief, experiential description – peira – of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. It is also an example of Her ceaseless, maternal care both of and toward us human beings, even when we do not invoke Her assistance directly or knowingly.