Infinite Love waits

God our Father waits for us to return to Him, to live in His divine bosom – Infinite and tender Love forever; where Christ Himself lives. Who would not want that? Yet many of us – so many of us – do not want to return, to both our Father and our God, because we prefer doing things our own way, as though we are completely sufficient unto ourselves. A myth if ever there was one. How long, therefore, are we going to keep our Father waiting? How long? How much suffering do we need to undergo, both ourselves and for others, before we decide to return?

What is it going to take, for each of us, to let go of our pride and bow our heads before our Almighty Father saying, “Sorry, Father; please forgive us. We cannot live by ourselves for, in so doing, we only exist; we do not live. Please come to us, Father, because we need You. We want You. Please come and live with us and in us, because we do not want to live without You any more.”

When we ask Him, both genuinely and sincerely, our Almighty Father will come without fail. He will also bring with Him the rest of the Divine Family. But we have to ask Him to come, we have to want Him to come, for our Father being Who He Is, He will not barge in where He is unwanted. We have to open the door of our hearts to Him, even slightly, otherwise He will remain waiting and we will keep on living as we are or worse, descending further into darkness.