Purification in the desert

This is the time of our purification. God the Father has decided to cleanse the earth and He always gets His way.

Being in the desert

Upon entering into the desert, our Father will shut the doors firmly behind us as He did the first time around with the Israelites, so we cannot retreat to where we came from as we would otherwise do. He wants us to step out on the plank of faith. 

Everything which does not belong to the Eternal Father, come from Him or is according to His Will shall fail at this time. He will take away from us everything not of Him, no matter our level of investment and how good things may seem, to show us with clarity the degree to which such things are unsustainable. We already started seeing the beginning of this process both in our lives and in our societies.

Every person, family, community, culture, society and nation will undergo this purification by being led into the desert. No one can escape it and the extent to which we experience it depends on our level of cooperation. The more we resist being purified, the harder it will be for ourselves and others, for the cleansing will be deeper and more thorough; severe. Conversely, the more we cooperate with Him, the easier our purification will be, for less cleansing will be needed and we will pass through it more rapidly.

For those of us who fear being purified, do not be afraid as our Father means us no lasting harm. He simply desires to rid us of all the spiritual (and other) muck we attached to ourselves, so we become worthy temples in which He can come and live.