The signs of the times – 24

“O Jerusalem, the holy city, He will afflict you for the deeds of your sons, but again He will show mercy to the sons of the righteous. Give thanks worthily to the Lord and praise the King of the ages, that His tent may be raised for you again with joy. May He cheer those within you who are captives and love those within you who are distressed. Many nations will come from afar to the Name of the Lord God, bearing gifts in their hands; gifts for the King for heaven. Generations of generations will give You joyful praise. Rejoice and be glad for the sons of the righteous, for they will be gathered together and will praise the Lord of the righteous. How blessed are those who love You! They will rejoice in Your peace. Blessed are those who grieved over all Your afflictions, for they will rejoice for You upon seeing all Your glory and they will be made glad for ever” (Tob 13).