Raphael – The companion given by God


Archangel Raphael

In ancient days you accompanied Tobit on his journey from and to his father’s house, at the request of the Eternal Father, to keep him safe and be a faithful companion to him on his travels. You also provided him and his family with healing, and led Tobit to meet and marry the beautiful Sarah, after he cooperated with defeating the demon Asmodeus under your guidance (cf. Tb, Chapters 5 to 12). As a result of this mission, you were assigned the office of patron of travelers, healers and conjugal love. Even though centuries have gone by, though, since you went on your journey with Tobit, you never stopped fulfilling this office in all its dimensions with regard to mankind. 

In our times you have become visible and tangibly present once again as in the days of old, to journey with mankind to wherever they need to go. At the request of our Heavenly Father, you are accompanying on their physical journey those to whom He has assigned you, to be their companion, healer and guide in their travels as needed. You are also leading them toward a similar fate as that attained by Tobit, in fulfillment of what is written in the Book of Ruth (Chapters 2 to 4) and as given by the Father in September 2010. Thank You, Almighty Father, for Your unfailing protection and care. Thank you, most sweet and beautiful Raphael, for your unflagging fidelity to God and to your office.

The above icon of Archangel Raphael was written in 2012 by Fr. Richard G. Cannuli, O.S.A., based on a number of verbal descriptions of the archangel. The depiction of Raphael’s face accurately captures the expression most often presented by Raphael – that of quiet elegance, placidity and steadfastness.