The betrayals of God and sorrow in His Heart – To the priests – 4

We can never know that God is all we need until God is all we have left” (Hebrew for Christians)

The betrayals of God the Father by His people and some of His priests are constant; the sorrow in His Divine Heart is bitter and profound because souls are being lost – His souls. If only people could realize the extent to which they are wounding Infinite Love. If they could experience a little of what our Father is made to unremittingly feel in the core of His Heart, they would die of immense, intense sorrow. But indifference, coldness and hardness of heart have become the norm and are likely to increase.

The questions, therefore, arise: “Don’t you have a speck of love left in your hearts for someone other than yourselves? What has become of your first love – the love shown you? Have you forgotten? When are you going to give up your selfishness and return to becoming who the Father wants you to be? Where is your fidelity?”