A people unwilling to listen

We have become a people unwilling to listen; unwilling to learn and grow, in every dimension of our humanity, for pride came to occupy first place in our hearts. We gave it pride of place, so to speak. We think of ourselves as knowing it all, so we view ourselves as being all there is to be – the alpha and omega of our lives. But what have we gained in so doing? Have we become happier, more joyful and peaceful, with lives full of life, laughter and love? Or have we, at best, reaped for ourselves more objectification, degradation and abuse on each aspect of our lives?

As a people, a global people, unwilling to listen and learn, we have become a shadow of our former selves. But our ruin has not yet commenced in earnest. What are we going to do when it does? Shall we remain intent on condemning ourselves to an eternity of pain and torture? For this will be the inevitable result, should we choose to remain on our present course. We need to ask ourselves, without further ado and with sincerity in our hearts: “Who, in reality, is the father of pride? Is he on our side or are we on his side?”