Description of Jesus Christ – 2


“Here, this is your Brother. If you want Him, He is yours” (God the Father, 2010).

You came that late Tuesday night in the bedroom after appearing next to the Heavenly Father’s Presence, while the Virgin Mary stood in front of both You and me as the demons fled. A pair of demons attempted to rip my heart out physically from the left side, pulling at it with great hatred and vengeance with what passed for their hands. The pain, fright and terror were atrocious. I screamed interiorly for help and Your Mother appeared in front of me once again clothed in white. She swept Her large mantle toward the demons with Her right hand, making them flee with rapidity and high-pitched shrieks. As Our Lady continued covering me with Her mantle while I attempted to recover from the shock of what transpired, the Father descended behind me with His Presence and said: “Do not move. You need Us right now.” 

I turned and looked up to see what was happening and beheld You, Jesus Christ, dressed in a floor-length, sleeveless, purple tunic, with a three-inch-wide gold sash around Your waist; standing regally to the right of Your Father. You gazed down at the unfolding scene while Our Lady stood facing You a few feet away, vigilantly protecting the room and myself with Her mantle, as the demons attempted several times to return in vain to physically steal my heart. The Heavenly Father declared with immense tenderness and firmness in His sweet, bass voice, that it was all right for me not to do anything but let myself be taken care of by Yourselves despite my resistance, because “. . . family members defend each other in times of need.” At which point, He led You by Your left hand toward me and presented You saying, “Here, this is your Brother. If you want Him, He is yours.” I will never forget that phrase.

At those words of Your Father, You descended with promptness from His side to sit next to me, facing me. You did not say a word. You sat looking right at me with a grave expression on Your face and big, pleading eyes, as You waited for my response. I could not believe what was happening so I stared at You for some time in return. You said nothing but did not break eye-contact or budge an inch. It was like a staring contest minus the aggressiveness. Curiously, at that point I was unafraid. After a while, as I continued staring at You, I replied to Your Father: “You mean I have a Brother?” Pointing my right index finger at You dumbfounded, I said, “You??” The Eternal Father reiterated with authoritativeness, “Yes. If you want Him, He is Yours.”

Unlike many human beings, none of You pressured me to accept You even though I knew You wanted me to say “yes.” You all remained waiting for my answer with patience, in silence. After more time passed and we continued looking at each other, I mused aloud, “But if I accept You as my Brother, then I will have to defend You.” I had never done it before; quite the contrary. It was not something I relished doing given the personal and professional consequences, especially the latter in an ultra-secularist country and profession. But even at that response, You did not blink. Neither did Your Father and Mother. You all continued waiting. Subsequently, I said, “Well, I guess if You are my Brother, I am going to have to defend You then.” And after a few more minutes: “Okay, I accept.” At that You stood up, passed right through and made me feel as though You were hugging me, filling my whole being with joy. Then You all vanished; the demons did not return.

The above is a brief, experiential description – peira – of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God in His own right. It is also an example of the love and care of the Divine Family for us when we are in need.