We have forgotten

We have forgotten that God the Father feels everything we do although He is a spirit. It became very easy for us to displace the Father from our hearts by embracing this reality in the wrong way, using it precisely as a rationalization to discard Him from our lives since He “cannot possibly understand us.” So we disregarded His thoughts and desires on the whole matter – His divine Will. This rationalization is quite common in our day and age. In fact, it is third only to the heresies “God (the Father) does not exist, He is a myth” and “God is not almighty.”

God our Father is not just spirit. He is also a Person: the first Person of the Holy Trinity, although not a Person according to our limited understanding of the word. Rather than foreground this fact, however, we chose to marginalize the Personhood of the Father for our convenience and pleasure. The Almighty is Father in everything He does. It is part of Himself, He cannot be otherwise; it is who He is. So how can He not feel what we do, when we grieve His tender, loving Heart?

The Father does not feel in the same way we do, according to our understanding of the word. But, in reality, He experiences our thoughts, actions and behaviors more than we do, as He feels everything within His Divine Heart: all we do to others, Himself and our own selves; especially what we do to our souls and our relationship with Him as a consequence. How, therefore, can the Almighty Father not feel and remain quiet, not intervene accordingly? It is a metaphysical impossibility for, if He did not feel, the only Father would be stone or granite in nature not Infinite Love.