Description of Jesus Christ – 3


The Walking Furnace of Love

You came that Tuesday morning in church, when I was alone with You in the Blessed Sacrament after everyone left during Eucharistic adoration. You came in response both to your Mother’s request and to prove me wrong.

The day before I had directly challenged your Mother, the Virgin Mary, to prove that what She repeatedly said throughout the centuries all over the globe was true: namely, that we are not orphans in an indifferent world. Among other things, I said to Her, “Prove it to me or I will not believe it!” Despite everything which had transpired until then – all Your graces and visits by Your Family – I still harbored doubts about this particular issue. So the next day I came to see You as usual in the Blessed Sacrament without knowing what You had in store, in return for my challenge to your Mother.

A few minutes after I entered the church and knelt, then sat, down in the pew, a lady approached me without warning to ask whether I could take over her time slot for adoration. The lady was a parish-appointed adorer who had never spoken to me before. We did not know each other. Substituting at adoration had only occurred a couple of times over two years and never at the last moment. So when this happened, I knew You wanted to be alone with me for some reason or another, although I was unaware of the real reason.

As soon as I was alone with You exposed on the altar, You – Jesus Christ – came and stood next to me in the pew, to my right, with the fullness of Your Body and brought Your Almighty Father with you. You did not say anything; even Your Father remained silent. But the felt intensity, immensity and depth of Your love made me feel as though I was going to melt and die there and then, even though I was already on my knees. Indeed, if You stayed a moment longer than You did, I would have died as I was unable to contain such love. It is a physical impossibility in this lifetime. At the same time, Your Father held me in His embrace, penetrating the core of my being – the heart of my soul – with His Presence, infinite tenderness, sweetness and authoritativeness. But whereas in previous encounters, for the most part You had stayed in the background so I could focus on Your Father, this time You were the main focus of the visit because its aim was the fidelity of Your Brotherhood, Your love for me and my earlier challenge to Your Mother.

You stayed with me in the above manner until other people entered the church. Then both You and Your Father left as rapidly as You came. After this visit, however, You left me with no doubt that we are indeed not orphans in a hostile world.

The above is a brief experiential description – peira – of Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God the Eternal Father and Son of Man through the Virgin Mary. It is also an example of the personal love of Christ for each one of us.