Unrequited Love

How often in a single day do we fail to requite the infinite love of God the Father? How many times do we choose, consciously or unconsciously, to prefer our will over His divine Will? How frequently do we plunge the sharp arrow of pain, anguish and sorrow into the core of His Divine Heart? How often do we insist on wounding Him, despite our concurrent awareness of our cruelty? 

How many times do we set aside both the divine mandate and our inherent need to love our Maker with all our strength, to prefer something which originates from ourselves? How can we profess to love the Father, day in and day out without guilt, when we encounter little-to-no difficulty in continuing to be brutal toward Him? What are we waiting for, to put our money where our mouths are – to open our hearts and minds with love, to requite our Father’s love?

The Eternal Father has never asked us for much, neither historically nor presently. All He desires is genuine intimacy with His children – the children He willed into being. Have we become so callous, cynical and stone-hearted it is of no import to us whether we respond or not to our Father’s plea? The Alpha and Omega is stooping down to beg His children to return to live both with Him and in Him. Why do we keep stubbornly wounding His Heart by continuing to refuse to give Him our hearts? The Father’s Name is not just Infinite Love. It is also Unrequited Love because of the unremitting hardness our hearts.

The love which exudes from the core of His Heart is immeasurable, so why do we remain away from Him? Our Father wants to give us each a relationship of unparalleled quality, but for God to descend and conjoin Himself with us, we need to consent to His desire. Otherwise, He will stay where He is, while we remain in this dark world with ever-diminishing assistance.

The God who needs nothing and no one to Be is stooping to our level, begging us to accept His Presence in the heart of our souls. Why do we continue waiting to give Him our fiat – our individual if not our collective “yes?” Such a fiat should be proclaimed by all (Zech 14:16), to significantly hasten the arrival of our Father’s kingdom on earth. What more do we desire from God to become once again living arks of the covenant, given that our fiat to Him results in our entering into the safe haven of the third ark?

The Almighty is calling us to return to live in His Heart, in lofty ways previously attainable only by saints. Shall we return to live in His divine bosom or will we insist on staying away? Are we going to say “yes” to our Father or are we going to keep on saying “no?” Do we want to experience heavenly joy, love, peace and happiness in a regular way throughout our daily lives, or are we going to continue living hand-in-glove with the prince of this world and the underworld so he attain our eternal ruin?

Do we want to continue leading an interior and exterior life often characterized by hopelessness, misery and despair, in this age of generalized soullessness? Souls are beautiful, glowing orbs when they sparkle with the crystalline light of our Father and God. When we refuse Him residence in the heart of our souls, we wound both ourselves and Himself because we reject His love and plan for us to become fully alive. So what are we going to choose in relation to our spiritual lives?

Whether we choose the Father or Satan – him who like to work covertly, to deceive us into believing he does not exist – we shall experience suffering in this life because it is the only way to keep us attached to our Father. But we can make our lives easier or more difficult in this regard according to our spiritual choices. We can decide to go through life with our Father backing us up with the entirety of His power and might, or we can choose to potentiate our suffering by consenting, directly or indirectly, that Satan and his minions increase our oppression and misery. What is it going to be? How are we going to answer our Father’s call?

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd ed.).