Let us console our sweet Father

We have the ability and power to console our omnipotent Father. Think about that for a moment. Puny little people that we are, incapable of doing anything – even breathing – unless our divine Parent wills or permits it, we have been granted the power to console Him. Man can console His Maker and His God. Consider that, ponder that, reflect upon such a fact. Due to His omnipotence, many regard God as the One who should be consoling us, rather than the other way around. This is how many act in relationship with the Father. We turn to Him with half our hearts, if even that, every time we need something. After He grants us what we ask of Him, we relegate Him with rapidity to the back-burner until our next need arises. If He is lucky, we may give Him some thanks but not more, otherwise we would be overdoing it.

The above is neither just nor healthy, for the reality is our Father also needs to be consoled; not just ourselves. The Most High needs our consolation because of the ongoing wounds we unhesitatingly inflict upon His Divine Heart through our sins. The beauty of all this is we have been given this ability to console by God Himself: we were conceded the power to console our Creator. We should bear in mind the joy of consoling our Father is unparalleled by anything or anyone else, for nothing greater exists on earth than the ability of mankind to console and love the Father who is God.

When we console our Father from the depths of our hearts, He becomes joyous beyond imagination. We arouse fiery ardor in Him whenever we actively assuage the Eternal One’s wounds – the white-hot flame of undying love – for we are, in fact, returning to Him as the human creatures He intended us to be; humans fully alive. Giving ourselves to the Father in this way, His delight is immeasurable as we show Him we truly love Him, we really want to be His children and confirm He did the right thing in creating us despite our failings. We calm God’s righteous wrath, reducing and softening its consequences for mankind, by alleviating some the profound sorrow He endures daily in the core of His Heart. So let us not delay to soothe the Father’s wounds, to deserve the title He gave us out of His compassionate love: adoptive children of the Most High.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd ed.).