How do we draw upon the Father’s strength? – Response to a question

The question was posed, “How do we draw upon the Father’s strength?” The answer is simple: invite Him with genuineness to be your Father and open your hearts unconditionally to Him. If you cannot presently do the latter, for some reason or another, ask God the Father for all the graces necessary to become able to do so and the Father will give them to you with great joy. Turn your lives over to Him in their entirety and abandon yourselves in Him, through His Son and His Spirit. Become consecrated to Him, to become fully His property, thus consenting to give Him full reign over your hearts and lives. Remember that our Father, unlike the prince of darkness, will never override your free-will or violate you in any way.

Allow yourselves to lie passively in the Almighty Father’s hands, so as not to obstruct the workings of His Divine Will within you, with your own wills. Our beautiful Father will start turning you, bit by sure bit, into whom He wants you to be; giving you the tasks He wants you to do. He will also give you all the strength you need to accomplish what He sets before you, in whatever situations He may place you – strength and fearlessness, the quality and quantity of which you most likely never knew before. Stop being or attempting to be independent. Attempting to rely primarily on your natural resources is the epitome of futility itself, because you would have no resources in the first instance had our Father not allowed you to have them. Moreover, if He so desires, they will be taken away from you in a flash.

Turn to God our Father, therefore, like little children running to and trusting their Father for everything, as He is perfectly capable of anything, including the most surprising and impossible things. Ask Him, invite Him, to participate in your daily lives – He loves participating especially when invited, because it is what He always desired: real intimacy with His children. Speak to Him from your hearts. When you turn to the Father in the aforementioned manner, He will accept you with immeasurable joy and love from His Divine Heart, because He is unable to resist such a request when it is made to Him with sincerity of heart and mind. Finally, remember this: God the Father is a Father in the truest sense of the word. Once you trust Him and abandon yourselves in the palms of His mighty hands, He will never let you down. It will also be the beginning of the most exciting adventure of your earthly lives.