The softness of God the Father – Reblogged by request

God the Father is the Almighty Creator, the Alpha and Omega of the universe. Yet His softness is remarkable and tenderness unmistakeable in His intimate daily dealings with His children. Soft – a softness and tenderness unmatched elsewhere – can be said to best describe our Father within the function of His Paternality and Parentality. Gently caressing, infinitely loving and firmly reassuring are His responses every time we turn to Him with genuineness of heart. Our Father listens patiently and lovingly to us: to our endless and sometimes manifestly ridiculous questions, answering them all through His perfect Fatherhood albeit in different ways and sometimes at unexpected times. In fact, the manner and time in which our Heavenly Father responds can be safely said to never fail to amaze. The firm timbre of His voice soothingly gathers and experientially envelops our most intimate core into the profound depths of His Divine Heart, calming and relieving all our anxieties, lovingly refreshing us and kissing our souls, before letting us fly out again into the midst of daily chaos.

This is the kind of softness, tenderness and love we can expect from God our Father, when we decide to set aside our fears and hesitancies to let ourselves develop intimacy with Him. An intimacy more deeply and profoundly felt the more we approach Him with childlike simplicity, rather than the endlessly formal, convoluted discourse many of us like to use but which, in essence, retains a certain degree of distance. Such is the kind of relationship our Father deeply desires to have with us all; a profound relationship of two-way knowing and living-in, which can never be experienced with anyone else. This is one of the graces – as part of the fullness of graces – which our beloved Father reserved for our present times: it is freely available to any and all who genuinely desire to become true children of God.