To God the Father – A testimony to His infinite love

You picked me up from among the dead and plunged me deeply into Your Divine Heart. You did not delegate the job of finding and resuscitating me to anyone else, but descended from Your beautiful throne and heavenly abode to search for me Yourself. When You found me, You chased and enticed me. Then You chased and enticed me some more. 

Like the perfect Gentleman, when I turned my head to look, You opened the door wide open for me to return. Then You picked me up with unparalleled tenderness and ensconced me in Your radiant Heart with intense solicitude and love. You purified me through and through, so You could come and reside in me with the fullness of Your divine life through Jesus Christ. Then You took me under Your holy wing and as the most tender, sweet and loving Father, You taught me with great gentleness and patience how to sit, stand and walk in Your ways.

O most sweet, loving and beautiful Heavenly Father of mine! I love You, I adore You and I worship You.