The sweetness of God the Father – Reblogged by request

Many in our post-Christian day and age think God the Father is a myth who should be confined to the historical books of Scripture, since these are regarded by many as socio-cultural constructions of meaning rather than the Word of God. Others believe the Eternal One is personally inaccessible, having spoken through the prophets and His Son, Jesus Christ, in centuries past, whereas others fear the Father as the vengeful and irate God who seems to predominate in the Old Testament – the God often portrayed as annihilating all and sundry whenever His wrath is aroused. Yet others consider the Father as that white-bearded, ancient Guy present in many paintings. However, God the Father is none of the above.

The Almighty is very much alive and active in both the world and our lives when we let Him. The Creator of the universe is timeless and ageless, looking no different than His divine Son. The Father is cloaked in splendor, with breathtaking beauty, while being vigorous and sweet. Sweetness, in fact, is the second most defining, felt characteristic of God – the first is love – within the context of intimacy with His children. The Father never stopped speaking to His children on earth, directly or indirectly, as the delight of His Divine Heart is to be intimate with them as a true Father. The Most High is as firm as only He can be. But He is also generous to the extent that when we present Him with a gift, no matter how small it may be, He will not be outdone in generosity. He repays us with graces, incomparable sweetness and other signs of divine providence which are not of human origin, simply because we decided to deign to show Him a scrap of love.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd rev. ed.).