What is God the Father like? – Response to a question

How I wanted to rank you with My children and give you a country of delights, the fairest heritage of all nations! I thought you would call Me: ‘My Father’ and never cease to follow Me (Jer 3:19).

God the Father is love – boundless, profound, intense love which is incomparable by human standards. The Father is also joy and authoritative tenderness; His beauty is stunning. Although He is the Creator of the universe, holding everything and everyone in His mighty hands, the Father is immensely sweet and playful when in intimate relationship with His children on earth.

Many have tried throughout the ages to describe the Most High God. But despite all the adjectives and titles used in endless attempts to describe the Almighty, one word sums up with simplicity and in its entirety how the first Person of the Holy Trinity really is: above all else He is a Father; with the tender, compassionate Heart of the truest, most loyal Father you could ever find.

God the Father is love – inconceivable love – and the greatest desire of His Divine Heart is to be intimate with each one of His children on earth. But many do not want Him, profoundly wounding His soft Heart. The Father grieves deeply and without cease over this, bringing tears to the eyes and sorrow to the hearts of those who know and love Him, for all He wants is for us to be truly His children: living in His joy and happiness and calling Him with the sweet name of ‘Father.’ More descriptions on what the Eternal Father is like can be found under the topic “How is God the Father?”

I love You, Father; I adore You and I worship You.