On God the Father – 5

Our God is a Father of infinite love and boundless mercy. Yet many do not know Him and an even greater number do not want Him. They use His holy Name for blasphemy and perjury, cursing and swearing, as though the life within them – the very breath taken – was not granted to them in the first instance out of the infinite love and mercy of the Father’s Divine Heart. 

How long is this state of affairs going to last? To those of you who do this (if you are reading), when will you realize you are nothing outside of the Father’s love and mercy? How long do you think you are going to be able to defy God – the Creator of the universe – and get away with it ‘scot-free’? Please do not wound our beautiful, tender, loving Father any longer. He is your Father too, even though you do not want Him and do not want to know Him.