Being a little child in the Father’s sight

God our Father loves souls who are little, for it is when we are as children in His regard that He can function as Father without restraint; letting His majesty, glory and greatness take precedence in our lives without hindrance from ourselves. Being and remaining little is not easy, though, since it goes against the grain of our socialization. Many of us were taught to be winners, not to be losers in the eyes of the world. But we cannot be winners in this sense of the term if we want our Father to come and live in us, for this set of heart and mind causes Him disgust; His Spirit flees and we re-crucify Christ.

We cannot be of the world if we want to please our Father, as we cannot belong both to the world – the dominion of the prince of darkness – and to God. We need to choose which camp we wish to live in: God’s or Satan’s. For if we wish to gain the fullness of our inheritance, we must become the littlest of the little in a race to the bottom, so we become winners in essence and fact rather than in name only. Our Father is unable to resist littleness and humility. These qualities make Him desire ardently to come and live in the hearts of our souls.