The balm of the Father’s Heart

Infinite love defines the Divine Heart of our Father because He is the fullness of love – love so limpid, pure, soothing and sweet, it acts as sorely needed balm for our abused souls. Many of us injured our souls without hesitation, repeatedly sinning and being indifferent toward what we do, as long as we satisfy ourselves; our egos. We became superlative at attending to every aspect of our exterior lives at the expense of our interior lives. This neglect of our spiritual welfare is one for which we hold personal responsibility before God. We will answer for it. Having said that, however, our beautiful Father did not abandon or forget us. He keeps chasing us in these days of generalized defiance, rebellion, coldness, indifference and hatred toward Him; particularly in these days. The Eternal One is doing this so, if we consent, He can heal our gravely wounded souls with the life-restoring balm of His Divine Heart.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd rev. ed.).