Description of God the Father – 2


The Father on His Throne

God the Father2You lifted me up to Yourself that weekday night a few days after I had completed the octave of purification and consecration to You. With infinite love and indulgence, You – God the Almighty Father – decided to show me what happens in the heavenly realm when a soul becomes consecrated to You. Hence that night, without prior warning, I found myself taken up into Your throne room: there I suddenly was, kneeling just a few feet away from You on both knees, as You sat regally on Your raised throne cloaked fully in Your Divine Light. The whole area which surrounded Your throne was similarly covered in several overlapping clouds of Your Light.    

Kneeling, I beheld You for quite some time, with my eyes fixed firmly upon You as though glued with a substance which repeatedly failed to come apart. Your height, indescribable majesty and splendor left me completely transfixed in awe. I could not speak. However, I felt no fear as what I experienced coming from You was the most profound, intense love. So without hesitation I remained kneeling there, gazing upon You with childlike wonder, joy, love and trust; worshiping and adoring You in silence with every fiber of my being.

As the first Person of the Holy Trinity, You manifested the figure, the outline, of a transcendent Person especially when You stood up. At the same time, You were not physically tangible. Standing to Your right at over six feet tall in His sacred Body was Jesus Christ, Your only-begotten, divine Son. He was clothed in a floor-length, sleeveless, seamless tunic of royal purple with about a three-inch, gold sash tied around His waist. Standing in turn to Christ’s right was the Virgin Mary clothed fully in white, looking petite in comparison to Him. Meanwhile, kneeling on both knees to Her right was my spiritual director. All three of You were looking silently at me as the scene unfolded, whereas my spiritual director was looking steadfastly at You, as You remained seated on Your throne.

Remaining on both knees to the right of my spiritual director, I then found myself looking at You with both my hands upturned. On the palms of my hands was a medium-sized globe which resembled a crystal-clear orb of light. I was instantly given to understand that the globe and its immaculate translucence represented my soul in its newly purified state. Then I slowly raised my upturned hands toward Your throne, to offer You my soul in consecration.

At that, You instantly stood up. With stupefying regality, You descended the three steps from Your throne to the place where I was, to take my soul into Your hands. Your effulgent majesty eclipsed everything around You, but all I felt was love – immense love which no words can ever describe. With profound gentleness and tenderness which were surprising in themselves, You took my soul into what passed for Your hands – figures of arms and hands robed fully in Divine Light – and, with great stateliness, turned around and ascended the three steps back to Your throne. Then You sat down and slowly placed the globe of my soul to Your left, tucking it very closely to You with both hands, to tender it henceforth with unparalleled care and love. I could do nothing but remain kneeling there, adoring and worshiping You with great joy; O Creator of the universe. My soul was Yours forever.

The above is a brief, experiential description – peira – of what transpires in the heavenly realm when a soul becomes consecrated to God the Father of their own volition.