Description of God the Father – 4


The Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts – Original Narrative of 25th May 2010 

icon of divine heart1Yesterday evening, at around 6pm, I was in one of the inner rooms in my house, when I suddenly saw a ray of sunlight come right at me, through the wooded trees at the back of my house. It was as though it was twinkling, going back and forth. So I asked, “Is that You?” And I heard, “Come,” while the ray kept on twinkling further as though beckoning me. Throughout all this, the sun appeared in front, rather than at the back, of my trees, which I thought was quite weird. So I went out onto my lawn in my backyard and looked at the sun, trying to figure out what was happening since it seemed different than usual.

Then the sun came much closer to me, actually hiding the branches of the trees. Its rays came right at me and they became very brilliant; I have never seen anything like it. The rays encircled me and I realized I was staring right at the sun without blinking. I tried looking away because I thought, “Ok, now I must be blind.” But no, I could see perfectly and I had no spectacles on, either. So I turned back to look at the sun and heard, “Come into My Arms.”

I continued looking at the sun, while my soul was glorifying and praising God, when suddenly the core of the sun changed: in its core I saw a heart, a large gray heart, with a very blood-looking, red core that was pulsating regularly. The heart had all the regular folds, membranes and crevices that are normally found in a regular (human) heart. I found myself staring right at the core of the heart and as soon as I told God that I loved Him, the core appeared to be pulsating and throbbing much more rapidly; very emphatically. At the same time, I both saw and felt the rays reach right into the very core of my being, right into my soul, and I felt my soul rest in my Father’s Arms. He said, “Now you can rest, you are in My Arms.”

After a few minutes, while I remained as is, with my soul resting in His Arms, the gray heart disappeared and two white hearts appeared instead. They were intertwined, one above/beneath the other at their edges, and two golden, brilliantly shining Crosses were above them – one above each heart. These lasted for about five minutes. Then the gray heart reappeared, pulsating and throbbing very vividly, and lasted for some more minutes too. I do not really know how long I stayed there with all this, but my clock upon re-entering the house showed that about 20-30 minutes had passed. I had been staring at the sun without difficulty, without it burning my eyes, the entire time. I also felt tremendous warmth and love within me, that are still with me at the present time of writing (the following morning). After the gray heart stayed with me for a while, and my Father and I were talking to each other, the sun then withdrew back behind the trees; the rays withdrew, the heart disappeared and I went inside.