Description of God the Father – 6


The Father on the Doorstep

GodtheFather7You came once again that Thursday morning at around 6.15 am. I had recently woken up and was preparing to go to early morning Mass, when suddenly the dining room became all lit up. It was as though multiple, strong spotlights had been placed all throughout the room and simultaneously lit up. In two years of living in the house, I had never seen anything like that. In fact, the light in the dining room was unnatural, because normally the room would have remained dark at that time of morning given its particular location.

As I stood silently looking around the room attempting to figure out what was happening, the light grew increasingly stronger and intense. It appeared to be coming straight from the door of the kitchen; the door which opened onto the driveway. The light was twinkling in an odd manner as though beckoning me to go out. Wondering what this was all about, especially at such an early time of day, and thinking that I was going to be late for Mass – something I did not want to do – I opened the kitchen door to see what was occurring. And there You were: metaphorically on my doorstep, with Your pulsating, upright, gray Divine Heart as I had seen it the second time around – on the 26th May 2010 – offset against the brilliant-white disc of the sun which, in turn, appeared right in front of the kitchen door.

I found myself able to look straight at the sun once again without injury to my eyes, despite the fact that the rays emanating from it kept twinkling with even greater brightness and intensity. The sun did not resemble that which appears early in the morning, but a fully-fledged midday sun. Four large, widely-spaced rays in the form of a large “X” then came at me and enveloped me fully, embracing me within themselves, and I felt within myself that You were greeting me good morning. As I greeted You with love and joy in return, Your beautiful Divine Heart pulsated back and forth in the disc of the sun with ever-increasing rapidity, as though You were completely stricken and swooning with love. I felt Your love being showered down upon me as though it was a very bright rain which penetrated every fiber of my being. I also felt You holding me in Your Divine Heart while kissing my soul. We remained there – You with Your beautiful Heart in the disc of the sun and myself on the kitchen doorstep – in an incomparable exchange of love which was wordless but profound; intimate but public at the same time.

Then I told You that I was sorry I had to leave, but did not desire to miss attending Mass. At that, the sun, with Your Heart in it, instantly retreated back to its normal position behind the house on the other side of the road and I went inside to get my pocketbook and car keys. When I came out again, however, I found that Your tender Heart was still visible and pulsating as rapidly as ever. So I apologized and told You that now I needed to go to Mass. As I drove down the road upon which my house was located, I realized that You had remained with Your Divine Heart in the disc of the sun. But as soon as I turned onto the main road and looked up at the sun again, You had vanished and everything returned to normal.