Fidelity – The key to the Father’s Heart

Fidelity in Christ is the key which opens the door to our Almighty Father’s Heart, as He is unable to resist the pleas and supplications of those who remain faithful to Him, especially when under duress. Love Him, therefore, above all else. Put His Will  before yours and ask Him for the grace of perseverance to retain your spiritual integrity. He will give you this grace without fail, as it is His greatest desire that everyone lives in His Divine Will.

Love Him when you are being attacked without mercy from all sides – particularly when you are being assaulted in such a manner, representing the cross – remain steadfast with heart only on Him, as this is precisely the instance when the floodgates of grace and mercy are opened up and showered down upon rebellious humanity. He will reward you without measure even from this lifetime and in ways you cannot begin to conceive.