What is God the Father like? – Brief response to a question

The question was asked, “What is God the Father like?” Several names and adjectives can be used to describe how our Father is. In fact, many descriptions of the Heavenly Father exist in Scripture and the writings of various saints and scholars. But none of them suffice to describe Him in His entirety as, being God, He is infinite and ultimately unknowable in His essence; His nature. What follows, therefore, is a puny, human – limited – attempt to answer the aforementioned question, albeit from first-hand knowledge and in simple, colloquial language.

God our Father is beautiful; very beautiful. If you saw Him, even though veiled, you would not be able to take your eyes off Him and you would not want to, either. You would want to stay there in His Presence: loving, adoring and worshiping Him forever. Our Father is infinite love, joy and order in Himself, as well as being immaculate; pure – that is why He cannot stand sin. His majesty is awesome in its incomparability and His tenderness as a Father needs to be experienced, to be truly comprehended. Our Abba loves us so much! And that is who He is: a Father first and foremost in everything He does and says; faithful and trustworthy. He is omnipotent, but just cannot give up chasing us to return to Him, to live with Him and in Him, precisely because of this intense, powerful love that He holds for us. His mercy is, in fact, a direct result of His love. As a real Father, He is also very protective and loves holding His children in the palm of His hand and cradling them in His Divine Heart – when we let Him, as He never overrides the free will He has given us.

Even though He is the Creator of the universe, God our Father is very sweet and solicitous when we are intimate with Him. Moreover, He profoundly desires such intimacy with each one of us and He is a very good listener. The Heavenly Father is humble beyond belief despite being who He is, not hesitating to change His divine mind about something when we ask Him to do so with the wholeness of our hearts. In fact, He loves such interactions with us and wants us to speak with Him in the same manner that Noah, Abraham and Moses did – without fear, albeit with great respect. Our Father is also very good, very generous and positively wild in His playfulness; loving to spring welcome surprises on His children when they least expect it and to an extent they would never dream of. It is one of His greatest pleasures to do this and He delights in watching His children, His handiwork, revel in His gifts to them.

Having said all that, however, it still does not begin to even mildly scratch the metaphorical tip of the iceberg of who our Father is in reality. So what God the Father is like shall herewith be defined by two words said directly by Himself: Infinite Love. A little more on what our beautiful, tender, loving Father is like can be found on the Descriptions page of this site.