Being a child of God

To be a human being means to be a child of God. Yet many of us reject without thought the love which God our Father desires to give us, whereas others remain clueless about who our true Father is and the profundity with which He loves each one of us on an individual, personal level. As human beings, we desire love. It is inherent in our makeup. But we reject love when it is given to us freely and abundantly by Love Himself. In continuing to enact this pattern, how are we not attempting to live a contradiction in terms?

We love and yet we do not love, for we keep rejecting Him who loves us most of all. None can compare to Him when it comes to loving us in our entirety: not even the greatest love experts on earth. Many of us want God to love us at some level or another, but we want Him to do so on our own terms. How can we expect to truly love both God with all our hearts and others as ourselves (Mt 22:39), when we remain intent – day in, day out – on not allowing Love to fill us with Himself? How can we give from what we do not have, since we do not allow ourselves to receive?